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Our Drywall Service Providers Can Also Provide Interior Metal Framing Services

We at Alex Drywall in Greenville, SC specialize in excellent interior metal framing for residential and commercial applications. We maintain the structural integrity and perfection of your interior walls, ceilings, and partitions with our professional craftsmanship and attention to detail. Learn more about this service below!

Metal Stud Installation

Our expert staff specializes in precise metal stud installation. We precisely measure, cut, and secure metal studs to build the framework for your internal walls and partitions. Our drywall service and other experience ensure that metal stud systems are straight, level, and appropriately aligned.

Track and Channel Installation

We install metal tracks and channels that support and stabilize your drywall sheets. We assure exact positioning and strong attachment with our thorough approach, laying a solid base for finishing.

Construction of Soffits and Bulkheads

Whether you need ornamental soffits or practical bulkheads, we know to construct custom designs that meet your needs. We use metal frame techniques to meticulously add these architectural details, which give visual appeal and dimension to your space.

Curved Walls and Arches

Our professional craftspeople can precisely mold and frame metal studs to obtain the necessary curvature if you want unique curved walls or arching features. We add a touch of beauty to your interior design by constructing curved walls and arches with creativity and precision.

Choose our drywall service providers in Greenville, SC for your interior metal frame needs and benefit from our expertise and professionalism. We at Alex Drywall are committed to delivering outstanding outcomes that fit your standards, whether a new building or a refurbishment. Contact us today at (864) 708-4577 to set up a consultation, and let us help you realize your interior metal framing vision.

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