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Professional Sheetrock Finishing Services From a Reputable Drywall Repair Company

As a reputable and professional drywall repair company, we at Alex Drywall provide high-quality services to make your walls and ceilings seem immaculate and polished. You can depend on us if you are from Greenville, SC when looking to hire a contractor specializing in sheetrock finishing work. We will exceed your expectations!

Mudding & Taping

Our professional specialists use precise mudding and taping processes to achieve smooth and flawless seams between drywall panels. We pay close attention to detail, applying many layers of joint compound and reinforcing tapes painstakingly, resulting in a robust and durable finish.

Sanding & Smoothing

We realize how critical it is to have a flawlessly smooth surface. Our specialists use professional-grade sanding tools and procedures to remove blemishes, lumps, and ridges for a smooth canvas suitable for painting or finishing.

Texture Application

If you want a particular texture for your walls or ceilings, our skilled crew can professionally apply textures such as popcorn, knockdown, orange peel, and more. We guarantee that texture is applied consistently, adding depth and visual appeal to your space.

Seamless Sheetrock Repairs

Whether your walls have little holes, dents, or extensive sheetrock damage, our trained artisans can repair and restore them to their former condition. We match textures and mix the repaired regions with the original surface painstakingly, leaving no evidence of the previous damage.

Choose Alex Drywall in Greenville, SC as your drywall repair company and enjoy the excellent sheetrock services that our professionals will provide for you. Contact us at (864) 708-4577 right away to set up your consultation and gain access to the skills and professionalism of our specialists.

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